My journey with Sister Crystal Esau was short but really beautiful and pleasant. I started off in my pregnancy seeing a gynaecologist until my seventh month into the pregnancy. All along l had never thought of considering seeing a midwife, let alone having a home birth, due to lack of knowledge. One day in my 28th week of pregnancy, l had tried to reach my gynae to no avail as l was feeling some weird pain on my left side and could not sleep. A few days after that incident, as my husband and l were just discussing my due date and the preparation for delivery, he suggested that we consider having a home birth and l immediately started my research. I made a few calls and decided to meet Sister Esau for further information.

Firstly, the response by her husband Jeremy, got my attention (Sr Crystal was busy with a client at the time of my call) and that made me want to meet the midwife, even though he was not sure she would agree as she had several deliveries booked around my due date.

Secondly, the warm reception and the attention l got on the get acquainted meeting, really made me realise that it was possible to actually get the best and more personalised services.

Immediately after this meeting my husband and l decided to deliver our baby with Sister Esau and l couldn’t wait for my first antenatal check up with her.

My first check up with her was when l was 32 weeks, and it was so beautiful and l was so assured that everything was in order.  I was so comfortable to ask questions and l would get assuring and encouraging responses with undivided attention.

I already knew about the power of the mind, but l was so amazed to hear Sister Crystal mention it to me. She encouraged me and let me know that my body was created to do this and therefore l was not to be worried about anything. She really equipped me with all that l needed for a successful homebirth.

My birth was the best part of it all and up until now l am still in awe of God for the whole experience. The care and support l got from Sister Esau was so amazing. My first delivery l had an epidural, so l was a bit unsure if l would be able to handle the pain this time.  My midwife had always prepared me and told me to be very relaxed during the birth, which I did. On the 15th of February, which was 4 days before my due date, my precious gift, blessing baby Christian was born. My husband had previously chosen that to be the day on which he would be born. My contractions started at around 5pm in the evening but l was not sure if they were not Braxton hicks, so l did not immediately call my midwife. Around 8pm my husband called Sister Esau, who arrived in a few minutes and confirmed that I was 5cm dilated. At 9pm l was in the pool, my midwife gave me such helpful massages and guided me in positions to sit and kneel, and at exactly 10:48pm my baby was born😀❤️💃🏼💃🏼

My delivery was so quick, before l knew it my baby was out and to my amazement the pain was not even as l expected. I birthed a 3,65kg baby and did not need any stitches.

I praise God for such a supernatural birth experience.

Although my journey with Sister Esau was not so long, it gave me a new beautiful perspective about childbirth and pregnancy. It left me so confident that l could do this over and over again. I always want to tell my birth story as l see the glory and beauty of God in every detail about it.

All l can say to Sister Crystal is you are the best midwife that l know and l recommend every pregnant woman l know to consider having you as their midwife.

Sister Crystal is caring, attentive, ever so encouraging every step of the way and simply the best. Since the day we met l have felt like she and her husband are definitely part of our family.

Thank you so much for all you did for us, we can never pay you enough for all that.