Antenatal Care

Initial visit

During your first visit I will take a detailed medical, family and previous obstetric history. This includes prior operations, chronic illnesses and whether you are taking any medication. You will provide me with your pregnancy blood test results (blood group, full blood count, STD’s & HIV). I will do your vital signs and calculate your due date, by using your last menstrual period, performing an abdominal exam and assessing your dating scan (if you already had one done). We will then schedule your follow up visit.

Follow up visits

During these visits I monitor both you and baby’s wellbeing, by checking all the vital signs, performing an abdominal examination.  Foetal condition is assessed with the doppler and growth is monitored by measuring the fundal height. I also assess for any complications.

I provide continuous advice during your pregnancy and you are welcome to ask me any questions regarding issues that may be of concern to you.

birthing home

We have a Birthing Home in Parow. Clients who would love to experience a home birth, but for example do not have space at their own home, or clients who live in areas outside our service area, can birth at the Birthing Home.

The home is situated 5 minutes from the backup hospital which makes transfers in case of emergency easier. Clients are more than welcome to view the home beforehand.

As a midwife I work according to the South African Nursing Council guidelines and protocols. To qualify for a homebirth, you must be a low-risk mom. This means you shouldn’t have any pre-existing medical / obstetric history such as Diabetes and Hypertension. You must be 16 years and older. It must be a singleton pregnancy and a cephalic presentation (meaning baby must be head down) at 36 weeks.

I support VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), but as per the South African Nursing Council Regulations, midwives may not do VBACs in a home setting. I can do antenatal visits for moms who had previous c/sections, but will refer them to the nearest high risk clinic at 36 weeks gestation.

As a client you must always be honest with me as your midwife, in order for me to give you the best possible care. Should the risks outweigh the benefits, trust my decision to rather refer you to a higher level of care. I will not compromise, or risk the safety of you and your unborn baby.


Postnatal Care

Your general condition post birth will be assessed. I will do vital signs, a breast examination, fundal measurement and monitor bleeding. Baby will be checked for signs of jaundice, a weight check is done, thorough general observation is performed and eyes are monitored for any signs of conjunctivitis.

Breastfeeding consultation is included.

How Does the Process Work

When you choose me as your primary care giver, I commit myself to “WALKING” the entire journey with you.

You can make an appointment as soon as you find out you’re expecting.

For your initial visit I will need your pregnancy blood test results. We will do history taking, i.e., past obstetric history, medical & surgical history.

Examinations will include weight, vital signs, urine test, examination of the breasts and abdominal examination. I will see you monthly up until 34 weeks gestation, thereafter every two weeks until 40 weeks. During the pregnancy I might refer you for additional blood tests if necessary as well as an ultrasound. I offer antenatal care for moms who choose home birth as well as those who opt for a hospital birth.

If you choose a homebirth, I will assist you every step of the way. During our antenatal visits we will discuss signs of labour, how to monitor your contractions and when to call me (usually during the active stage of labour). We will also discuss your birth plan and the procedures followed immediately after birth e.g., delayed cord clamping, skin to skin and administration of Oxytocin. I have a birthing pool which you can hire if you opt to have a waterbirth, or want to use it as pain relief during labour. I am fully equipped with all the medical supplies required during birth, as well as emergency equipment, like oxygen, IV lines & IV fluids and medication to stop bleeding if required. A complete neonatal assessment is performed after birth.

Moms are welcome to have a doula of their choice, to assist and support them during the labour process.

In the event of an emergency, Karl Bremer Hospital is my designated back-up facility. I am professionally trained and possess the required experience, to identify potential problems and manage emergencies. If and when required, I will quickly arrange a calm transfer to hospital. I am fully trained and skilled to provide immediate response to an emergency situation.

After successful birth I stay with you for approximately two hours. During this time, I monitor you and baby for any complications, assist with breastfeeding, make sure mom and baby are healthy and comfortable.

Post-natal assessment of both mom and baby are done on day 3 and day 7 post birth. For mom I will check the vital signs, breasts, bleeding, fundal height and stitches, if suturing was performed in the event of tearing. Baby will be assessed for signs of jaundice, vital signs will be thoroughly checked, eyes will be monitored for signs of infection, a weight check is done and assistance with breastfeeding is provided.

A minimum of two post-natal visits are required.

If all is well after these visits, parents can make the first appointment at a paediatrician of their choice. Baby will also be referred to the baby clinic at 2 weeks for a weight check. I provide the Road to Health booklet as well as birth notification for home affairs.

Contract & Fees


From 2022 I will be offering the ‘My Birthing Kit ’antenatal programme at my house.

My Birthing Kit is an affordable, easily accessible antenatal course, designed for pregnant women, to have the best birthing experience possible- whether it be normal birth or caesarean section.

These tools can be applied to any type of birth preparation, so that moms feel calm, in control and connected to their babies. The aim is to provide the necessary tools for a better birthing experience.

The course consists of 4 classes, 1 class per week at 2.5 hours per class. Course fees are as follows:

  • Group session – R 1 950
  • Private session- R 3 550

Fees include R350 for course materials, which should be downloaded from My Birthing Kit website at

Course materials include:

  • My Birthing Kit e-book
  • Pregnancy affirmations
  • Pregnancy relaxation
  • Deepening exercises
  • Fear release recordings
  • Printable colouring affirmations
  • Electronic birth plan template

Antenatal Visit Structure

  • Antenatal visits are scheduled from Monday to Friday, between 9am – 5pm
  • Initial/Screening visit duration is 1-hour, at a fee of R900
  • Antenatal follow-up visits duration is 30 minutes, at a fee of R700
  • Consultation schedule: Once monthly until 36 weeks, thereafter every 2 weeks until 40 weeks, then weekly until 42 weeks
  • Booking cancelation must be made 24 hours before the scheduled visit or you’ll be liable for payment
  • Post-natal visits will be done on day 3 and day 7 after birth after birth (At least 2 post-natal visits required)
  • Post-natal visits include postnatal check-up for mom and baby, weight check and breastfeeding consultation
  • Post-natal visit is done at a fee of R1000
  • All payments must be made before or on the day of your visit, either in cash or via EFT

Bookings can be made via WhatsApp, or by calling 0828240198 and via 

You will receive a confirmation message the day before your appointment