About Midwife by Nature

Midwife By Nature was born on 6 September 2021. As a mother of two myself, and not having pleasant birth experiences, I can attest that your birthing experience have continued implications for a woman’s confidence and mental wellbeing. Giving birth is one of the most important life events and a good experience leaves you feeling empowered, leads to positive feelings towards your baby and helps you to adjust more easily to motherhood.

As a midwife I strive to empower women through the wonderful journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and I am a firm believer in a woman’s ability to give natural birth. I aim to establish a trusting relationship with every expectant mom, to ensure a confident, supported birthing experience. I find midwifery a very rewarding profession, which I am extremely passionate about and I see it as my calling. The privilege to be a part of the miracle of growing life and assisting in bringing that new life into this world, is an incredible yet humbling experience.

Our mission is to promote, protect and support women’s human- and reproductive rights; to respect ethnic and cultural diversity and to consider all aspects of every individual, including the body, mind and spirit.

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Our Services

Antenatal Care

During your first visit I will take a detailed medical, family and previous obstetric history. This includes prior operations, chronic illnesses and whether you are taking any medication.

Birthing Home

Birthing Home

As a midwife I work according to the South African Nursing Council guidelines and protocols. To qualify for an out of hospital birth, you must be a low-risk mom.

Postnatal Care

Your general condition post birth will be assessed. I will do vital signs, a breast examination, fundal measurement and monitor bleeding.

How Does the Process Work

You can make an appointment as soon as you find out you’re expecting.

For your initial visit I will need your pregnancy blood test results. We will do history taking, i.e., past obstetric history, medical & surgical history.

Examinations will include weight, vital signs, urine test, examination of the breasts and abdominal examination. I will see you monthly up until 34 weeks gestation, thereafter every two weeks until 40 weeks. During the pregnancy I might refer you for additional blood tests if necessary as well as an ultrasound. I offer antenatal care for moms who choose home birth as well as those who opt for a hospital birth.

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