I will forever be grateful to Crystal for her utmost dedication during the birth of our baby boy. I know how fortunate I was to have a midwife, who knew exactly what to do to get our baby out safely. It was not easy and it required someone like Crystal, who have the experience and knowledge to deal with our unique birth. She was very professional and guided me on what to do as the birth progressed. She was supportive and gentle and gave me the kind of birth I wanted.

It will forever be the best day of my life. Thank you, Crystal, for your help and support.

– Marsha Steyn

Crystal Esau, Midwife by Nature, aka My Midwife ❤️

I don’t have words to describe her, that will be enough to explain how amazing she is… This is my 4th baby and first home birth and I had no clue what to expect, coming into the home birth plan.

After a very long search I found my guardian angel, Crystal, and I understood what it meant when they say you have to connect with your midwife. As soon as I spoke to Crystal over a whatsapp, without even seen her face to face, I connected with her. She just has that way about her. I knew when I met her after my first check up, if I must go through a natural birth, it is her that I would trust with my life, to go through it with me. It’s not just a job for her… It’s love, its passion, it’s part of her life.

Crystal is professional! Puts all her heart into her knowledge and passion for her work. I am proud to call her My midwife ❤️

– Tamsyn Barnard

Beautiful lady inside and out. She’s cool, calm and very helpful. Doing a delivery soft, tender and with so much passion. I definitely recommend her

– Shahida Treasurer (Midwife at Elsies river MOU)

I’m a junior midwife at an obstetric unit and this is how I met Crystal 5 years ago. I had just transitioned from another job and area. I was shortly put on night duty with Crystal and I did not know what to expect. I was overwhelmed and nervous. The first night she welcomed me with open arms and in that first month of working together I have been fortunate to see the passion and care she had for all the clients, regardless of their demographics. I was very happy to work in a team where in my opinion, she was the most experienced, calm and dutiful midwife I had ever seen or worked with. I have learnt so much from Crystal over the span of 5 years, which I will carry with me forever. If there are words to describe this wonderful person, it would be compassionate, caring and proficient in all that she does.

– Chandré Lottering (Midwife at Elsies River MOU)

I was a 3rd year nursing student when I first met Sr Crystal Esau. Her soft, gentle approach to births made me feel comfortable to ask her questions and be guided by her skilled hands.

I was then fortunate enough to work with her as a young midwife. I was amazed by her neat work ethic, patient-centered approach and her excellent knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of birth. The patients trusted her from the word go and she made the experience for the patient, as well as staff working with her, as pleasurable as possible. She is by far one of the best, well skilled and safe practicing midwives that I know.

– Imay Felix

What a joy it is to have a midwife as Sr Crystal. She’s always available to my needs and ALWAYS goes the extra mile. My birth was nothing short of perfect , it’s a day I will never forget , I would do it 10x over again Sr Crystal allowed me to birth the way my body knew best yet constantly making sure I was doing well , Sr Crystal and Jeremy are like family now

– Insaaf Gaidien

I was working with Sr Esau when I was still a student. I was so blessed with the time I spent under her wings. Sr Esau really has a passion when it comes to midwifery. I mostly spent time with her in the labor ward. She has almost a magical way of assisting mothers during their time of labor. She is very calm and supportive. She puts patients, as well as students at ease. In case of emergencies, everyone is usually stressed, but not Sr Esau. She definitely will be in control, calming both mother as well as father. Reassuring them as best as possible. Her relationship with colleagues and patients is definitely something that I strive for. Her smile and sense of humour will put you instantly at ease. She is clever and have so much more to offer to the midwifery world. I recommend Sr Esau to all pregnant women.

– Johneley Jenzel (Registered Nurse)

I would like to say a big Thank you to Crystal, whom I met at a very stressful time. I found out I was pregnant last year and immediately there were so many things I was concerned about. Where do I book? Where will I receive antenatal treatment? The biggest concern was, would I have to give birth alone because of COVID restrictions. This was when I started looking into homebirth, as I knew I would then be in the comfort of my own home, with my husband there to support me and be present for the birth of our daughter. Unfortunately, I had to give birth at hospital due to possible post-partum risks but the journey I have had with Crystal was amazing. I had all my antenatal visits with her at my home. When I met her for the first time, I was so comfortable with her, and my kids loved her visits as well 😅 She’s definitely very patient and very caring. We would sit and chat like old friends and she never seemed rushed to get it over and done with, even though I knew she probably had a very busy schedule. To all the mommy’s, especially those not on medical aid that have to go to government hospital etc. please contact Crystal. You can do visits with her even if you have to give birth at hospital. Save yourself from sitting hours at an antenatal clinic just to be seen for 5minutes. You will get better service from her and yes, she’s very affordable as well☺️ and it will be given with love and care. We will be forever grateful to her ❤️

-Riefqah Samodien

Meeting with Crystal was by far the best thing we could have done! From the very first conversation, I could sense her passion, her knowledge and her calm approach to pregnancy and birth. I always felt cared for personally – not just another “patient”. Our homebirth was absolutely magical thanks to her, and we felt genuinely sad to say goodbye after our final appointment. Thank you, Crystal, for helping us bring our girl into the world and for taking such good care of us all ❤

-Christine Van Zyl

Usually when people hear you’re giving birth at home or have a midwife, they already have this negative perception or question as to why that was your choice for birth. I, myself, have had my fair share of people giving their opinions and sometimes sarcastic remarks about my choice of birth, but I didn’t let this bother or get to me after meeting Crystal for the first time, and the peaceful presence she had given me. She answered all my questions (whether asked or not) and she made me feel so safe with just our first meeting! Our antenatal visits continued and she always had me feeling comfortable. The day I told her about my pains (not knowing I was in early labour), she immediately told me she was coming to my home and made me priority (I never felt this before when giving birth to my son at a public hospital). The day I gave birth, she was so amazing with helping me feel calm to the point where I didn’t even look like I was in pain when contracting lol. I honestly would recommend her to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you so, so much Crystal for helping me deliver my beautiful and healthy baby girl, I am forever grateful for you❤

-Mecayla Cornelius

Midwife by Nature has been, and continues to be the best decision we made when it comes to the care of our unborn baby and myself. Crystal has, from the start, been absolutely amazing during my pregnancy journey. Our Antenatal visits, from the beginning of my pregnancy all the way up until 36weeks, have been absolutely relaxing, comfortable and stress free. [No need to wake up early and cue for hours to then be rushed through an impersonal check-up.] I always felt extremely safe in Crystal’s hands and her love for midwifery truly shows. Regardless of how silly I thought my questions or concerns were, Crystal was always there (at appointments and WhatsApp conversations) with amazing information, advice and when needed some reassurance. This adventure with Midwife by Nature has been so positive and we look forward to continuing it after our wonderful daughter has been born for Postnatal visits. If anyone is looking for an incredibly positive pregnancy experience then Midwife by Nature is 100% right for you. Many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your unbelievably amazing service and we can’t wait to see you again. 💕

-Bianca Eich

One thing that I’ve learned, after giving birth as an FTM, is that you’re only as strong as your birth team. On 29 Aug 22 we were blessed with our baby boy, born safely and peaceful at home. Crystal was with us every step of the way since our first appointment at 30 weeks. She and her husband welcomed us into the Midwife by Nature family and we felt completely at ease with them since the start. The Prenatal appointments were always very exciting and handled very professionally and done thoroughly. Always encouraging me that I am capable. On the day of the birth Crystal was such a pillar of strength to me and my husband. I felt completely safe at all times and I knew I was in capable hands. When things got tough, she stayed calm and comforted and motivated me till the very end. Our baby boy was born and she immediately made sure we were both healthy and safe. The following day we woke up to a clean home, her and her husband stayed and cleaned up while hubby and I enjoyed our newborn. Afterwards, at my postnatal appointments it was so much fun to see her handle the little one with so much care and love. She truly has a passion for what she does. A true gem! The Andrè family loves you lots and we will see each other again, God willing, for baby number 2! ❤️ Thank you for all you and Jeremy have done for us!

-Yolandi Andre

It gives me great joy to say that I had pleasure and privilege alike, to have crossed paths with Crystal and journey my third pregnancy with her. It was truly an experience that I am so amazed by, and my family and I are ever grateful for all that you have done. I was in a very funny headspace when I, not only found out that I am having my third baby, but also ten years later. Everything felt like a distant memory and it felt like it was my first pregnancy again. Crystal made this transition so easy. Your passion to help bring life into this world is so admirable and very much inspiring. Midwifery is your nature as you do everything with so much grace and compassion. From taking notes to asking questions and just being the best support, one could need. I cannot wait to tell my son the story of his birth and the wonderful angel whom God has sent our way, to make sure that we feel safe and secure and loved and respected. Crystal, words are not enough to express our gratitude. You are an exceptional woman who uplifts other women through the work of your hands. My wish is that your adventures of being a part of bringing life into this world will only grow from strength to strength. You and Jeremy are doing great things and may you both continue to be a source of hope for women who need the space to feel free and at peace when giving birth. Many thanks for you and well wishes always.

-Athalia Collison

I would like to tell you how amazing midwife by nature is 🌸

After having a bad experience at a state hospital, we decided on the last minute to have a home birth. Sister Crystal Esau, without hesitation helped us. We were fortunate that she had a space open. She walked me through everything and we were blessed with the best.

I saw her the Tuesday 10 May and Thursday 12 May my labour started. She was up all night with me, through all contractions, rubbing my back, keeping me calm and also very well organised. My little girl was born at 3:10 the Friday morning and was born healthy. Crystal was amazing. She is calm, she has so much love and passion for what she does, and just to see how proud she was help bringing my little girl in this world, I could see the love she has for what she does.

If you ever want to feel loved, calm and just knowing you’re safe Crystal Esau is the person and she also becomes like family. We as family can’t thank her enough for how she helped us in every way she could, and always being there…it was short journey but she made it count forever. Please, any mommy that would want to use her, you will not go wrong and you will have the best experience and love and a loving family (her team) with you and a baba that she takes care of.

-🌻❤️ Deanette

We had such a calming experience as we began our birthing process. The birthing room was hygienic, while you receive a step by step walk through on what to expect. Sr Crystal was both patient and kind. I’d definitely recommend her and use her services again!

–Jason Benjamin (Dad)

Best midwife, had an experience out of this world ❤️, highly recommend her as she made my journey worthwhile and beautiful.

-Nosicelo Hlalukana

Crystal and Jeremy has absolutely amazing since the beginning (before I even started my antenatal visits). The pregnancy process just started feeling less stressful since I’ve been a patient with Midwife by Nature. Becoming first time parents, a lot of information can be overwhelming with different people tell you different things but having Crystal there every step makes things so much easier. I have and will continue to recommend the services to everyone expecting. Midwife by Nature deserves a 10 star rating!!!

Chaneill Kara

Wow, finding the words, the right words, to write about such an important life event, that was nothing but positive, is really hard.

But I think the most important part is that if you are pregnant and if you choose or want a natural birth then I am 110% confident and sure that a hospital is not the place to be… I am 110% confident that being with Midwife by nature – Crystal Esau is the absolute safest place to be. You will be heard, you will feel safe, and your baby will be born in the best place. A calm place filled with love and patience. I cannot believe that I found you while scrolling online from Turkey, I feel so super lucky as before I became pregnant I did not even know that this way of giving birth was possible. You are the reason I could birth my beautiful baby, Atlas Kai, without a second of worry or stress, and you are now forever part of our family.

-Lydia Capan

Sharing from a dads perspective.
Such a blissful birthing experience. Crystal is an honest God send. We are so grateful that she agreed to take us on so late into our pregnancy at 32 weeks. We were first with a gynaecologist at Netcare, however after doing loads of research and hearing more and more pregnant woman being pushed into c-section in private hospitals, we decided to change as all we wanted was a natural birth with a birthing team who prioritised our needs and desires.
Crystal is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Any questions we had at our antenatal appointments and the birthing day, she always made sure to explain things in detail. She is passionate about everything natural.
One of the most amazing things to witness was how her calmness seamlessly translated to my partner during her labour and pushing moments. Even when we had moments of doubt or fear that we may need to go to the hospital because of reasons such as the presence of some meconium when my partner’s water broke, or the umbilical cord being around baby’s neck or the fact that my partner was pushing for a long time before baby finally came out, Crystal always reassured us and allowed nature to do it’s thing.
We enjoyed all our time with Crystal and her husband (and business partner) Jeremy. As a new father it was awesome to learn some valuable dad tips from Jeremy that I could apply right away.

Thank you so much for everything Crystal and Jeremy. Anybody who chooses to birth with Midwife by Nature is in very good happens and in for a positively unforgettable experience.One of the most amazing things to witness was how her calmness seamlessly translated to my partner during her labour and pushing moments. Even when we had moments of doubt or fear that we may need to go to the hospital because of reasons such as the presence of some meconium when my partner’s water broke, or the umbilical cord being around baby’s neck or the fact that my partner was pushing for a long time before baby finally came out, Crystal always reassured us and allowed nature to do it’s thing.
We enjoyed all our time with Crystal and her husband (and business partner) Jeremy. As a new father it was awesome to learn some valuable dad tips from Jeremy that I could apply right away.

Thank you so much for everything Crystal and Jeremy. Anybody who chooses to birth with Midwife by Nature is in very good happens and in for a positively unforgettable experience.

-Joseph Mogale

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jeremy and Crystal – midwife by nature team. Our journey started only at 30weeks and due to a desperate need to change midwifes, Crystal was able to helped me, such a God send! They both made the experience priceless and smooth sailing, they were both so supportive and caring for both me and my husband.

Thanks to Jeremy, he helped with admin. Making the experience smoother and easier to keep tabs on and helping give great advice and support to new fathers! I loved how crystal listens and helps with ANY concerns you may have, she makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel like you are on top of the world after every ante natal sessions you have with her.

In the birth : I felt so comfortable with Crystal through the whole birth I ended up with a quick birthing experience of a total of only 12hrs start to finish (I’m a first time mum). Crystal was so calm, supportive and caring, she was definitely the strong woman I could lean on in my moments where I felt like I couldn’t go on.

She settled any fears I had and let me labour “quietly” and “calmly” as I had needed.

Birthing my baby boy AT HOME & NATURALLY was the best experience and confident boost I could have ever asked for with Crystal.

Crystal and Jeremy you guys are an amazing team and thank you for welcoming us so warmly to the midwife by nature family!

We’ll be back ;)

– Tarryn Horter

What an amazing experience!🌸

After my terrible experience with Gynaecologists and them only creating worst case scenarios, I was seeking an alternative way of bringing my perfectly healthy girl into this world.
As a First Time Mom, i was lost and didn’t know what to do or where to go.

I came across Midwife by Nature.
Since the very beginning they believed in me and I trusted them with my whole life as well as my baby’s life! They reassured me everyday.
Crystal and Jeremy are the kindest and best people to ever put your trust in.

They were my support system from the get-go and their calming personalities just made my birthing experience the best experience I could ever ask for.

Thank you Crystal for safely and calmly delivering my baby! You are one amazing midwife! I will without a doubt always be grateful for you!

– Karla Brink

I had an amazing birthing experience with Crystal. My labour was long and I was extremely exhausted towards the end but Crystal was calming and supportive throughout. She kept on reassuring me that I can do this even when I had the slightest bit of doubt. I felt very empowered and thankful the moment I had my baby boy in my arms. I am so glad that we chose Crystal to assist with the birth of our son. We felt heard throughout the entire experience and we still hold Crystal and Jeremy very dear to our hearts♥️

P.s at the 2 days and 7 days visit we could tell that our little boy also had a bond with Crystal and Jeremy. 🙏✨

– Anita Sibanda

I had always wished for my partner a home/pool birth, Midwife by Nature fulfilled that wish. Convincing my partner was difficult, until I introduced her to Crystal. On our first visit she was very welcoming, we felt we had known her for a very long time. Our antenatal visits were full of information and advices. Days closer to the delivery, we’d call or text Crystal in the middle of the night  and she’d respond to us promptly. On the day of delivery she was with us for the whole 12 to 14 hours holding our hands through the process as we would become first time parents.
On the other hand we are also happy of how Jeremy, the business manager who also happens to be Crystal’s husband, maintained communication with the medical scheme throughout the whole nine months. Our last postnatal visit was emotional because we had created a bond with Crystal and Jeremy. We plan on visiting with our son when he is older.
Ps: Thanks to the Photographer who captured every moment of my son’s and partners journey.
Thanks to the Doula, who was in there massaging my partner from beginning until the end.
It was a breathtaking experience. Thank you, MAY GOD BLESS YOU
-Lwandile Sodwele

I want to express my deep appreciation for the exceptional care provided by my midwife Crystal during my birthing experience. Crystal’s professionalism and constant support, coupled with Jeremy’s super welcoming demeanor, turned what could have been an overwhelming process into a guided and sacred journey.

From our antenatal appointments, to the actual birthing experience, both myself and my little one received the utmost care. Having faced difficult birthing experiences in the past, I sought a place that would offer the best care possible. The Midwife by Nature team not only met those expectations but also provided me with the most memorable and pleasant birthing experience that I will forever cherish.

Thank you once again, you are truly one in a million!

– Ayesha Galvaan

Our experience with Crystal was short, I truly wish I knew about her with my first pregnancy but SO grateful I found her during my second pregnancy. Professional and caring throughout our whole journey together. I will be recommending her to everyone I know that wants a natural birth or just wants to avoid the lengthy wait at gov. Clinics and experience quality services. She’s worth every penny.

– Kay-Lynn Vass

Crystal is honestly such a true gem with such a pure soul. All visits leading up to birth was truly calming and she answered all the questioned I had. She made sure to ask me if there is anything specific I would want/have when in labor which I wasn’t fussy about.

Being in labor was definitely not easy, but since we arrived Jeremy and Crystal were very calm which made us feel at ease, well and pretty much at home lol. I loved the fact that Jeremy and my partner had their own little bonding session as my partner was very nervous lol. Crystal was amazing, I don’t think we can thank her enough for the whole experience. I loved the fact that I had the freedom to move around and do what I was comfortable with, which I know I wouldn’t have gotten at a public hospital.

Being in the birthing pool was truly calming and very relaxing, ugh I probably enjoyed it way too much lol. We gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The care after I had given birth was honestly such a calm experience, Crystal did not rush anything and I had time to bond with my little guy.

Crystal and Jeremy are truly God send, I don’t think we would have gotten this kind of treatment at a private hospital either. Feeling kind of sad that today was our last visit and we won’t be seeing them again.

Thank you for an amazing journey, I’ll forever be grateful towards you guys.

Crystal you are truly a blessing to women!!!!

– Danielle Scott

I had the absolute best experience with Sr. Crystal. From my antenatal appointments to my baby’s birth at their birthing room. During labour, I was free to move around and she never performed any interventions without asking and didn’t pressure me to do something I didn’t want to. If I have any babies in the future, Sr. Crystal will be the one to catch them again. So if you’re considering Midwife by Nature, don’t hesitate a second further🤗.

– Augusta Phillips

I 100% recommend MBN if you want complete freedom and control over your pregnancy and birth. Crystal will give you the encouragement and confidence you need to birth your own baby in a position you find most comfortable, without any pain relief.

(Getting in the water does help a ton though, although it doesn’t take away the pain by a long shot)

Words cannot express my experience with Crystal. Having had 2 private hospital births prior, there was a lot of misconception and fear that needed to be undone. My gynecologist was not at all accommodating of natural birth and after the second birth I managed to do naturally despite pressures and some forced intervention, I decided I definitely don’t want to birth at a hospital again

After much research I stumbled across MBNs website and decided to call. And I have never been happier I did. Crystal’s husband and business partner, Jeremy, was very accommodating and was ready to answer any questions we had. We met up with them at their facility in Parow and knew that it was the route we wanted to take – a private, midwife led yet unmedicated water birth. The birth of my third child was phenomenal, and we would do it all over again with Crystal. You are one amazing midwife!

-Shakierah and Ridaah ♥️

My husband and I experienced the most amazing and surreal birthing process. We couldn’t ask for a better person to guide us on this exciting new path as first-time parents. In addition to being a midwife, Crystal also served as a friend, counselor, and occasionally a mother, always supporting and advising us.

It was difficult and full of obstacles to spend a full day in labor, but Crystal’s constant presence brought comfort and confidence, which allowed me the strength to push through the discomfort and exhaustion

This journey was made even more meaningful by the fact that we feel our daughter Haven, whose name means “safe refuge,” was born in an atmosphere that is closely associated with her name.

We had the pleasure of sharing this experience with our mother and close friends, who described the birth, “as the most beautiful thing that they’ve ever witnessed in their lives.”

Thank you, Crystal, for everything and for bringing our beautiful daughter into this world. We are forever grateful and will highly recommend you to anyone who desires to go the route of natural birth.

-Tammy Booi

Midwifery is Crystal’s calling !

I was 24 weeks pregnant and had already booked with a private hospital but I still wanted to explore the option of having a home -water birth.

While I was looking into home births and doing my research I came across Midwife by nature-Crystal Esau’s Facebook page. I then contacted them.

Crystal ,Jeremy and I had a ‘meet & greet’ where they answered all my questions and gave me all the necessary information. Crystal and Jeremy made me feel very comfortable and at home. After the meeting I immediately felt that I could trust Crystal with the delivery of my precious baby.

I attended all my antenatal appointments with Crystal. With every consultation she monitored the well- being & health of my baby and me, which included tests and physical examinations. During all these consultations she made me feel calm, safe and addressed all my concerns I had.

During pre-labour , Crystal provided me with exceptional care. After monitoring and observing me, physically examining me and monitoring my baby for 24 hours ,Crystal decided to refer me to hospital as my labour did not progress. I only dilated 1cm during those hours. This decision she took came with experience, skill and observation. She further explained to me thoroughly the reasons for the referral and handled the situation with calmness and professionalism.

I am grateful that she referred us early on as I was diagnosed with the condition Cephalopelvic Disproportion. I then safely delivered my baby via c -section.

I would recommend Crystal because she has years of experience , like in my situation she saw that the there was a complication and referred us to hospital, as she has the best interest of mom and baby at heart. She has a very calm , peaceful demeanor and that is what moms need when giving labour. Lastly she is very passionate and well informed about midwifery.

– Lezandre Manuel

If your goal is a natural, physiological birth in a calm, reassuring and supportive environment, then I can’t recommend Crystal enough.

Crystal kindly took me as a patient late in my pregnancy and I wish I had switched to the midwifery model of care earlier. The antenatal appointments weren’t rushed at all, and I felt as though I was receiving personalized care at a much more thorough level than I’d been used to.

I was always concerned about “what-if” scenarios during birth. Although labour didn’t go as smoothly as I’d dreamed, I can say with certainty that if I was in the hands of another provider, that I would have never had the natural birth outcome that I ended up having. Crystal has a wealth of experience and skill that she used to help me, encouraging movement, position changes and rest when I needed it. When I felt I couldn’t carry on, she always assured me that I could. And when I needed more help with some intervention, it was never pushed on me and I felt I was able to make an informed, empowered decision. My baby and I were cared for so well during the post partum visits and I felt supported and encouraged. Lastly, Jeremy made the financial and medical aid side of things so easy to navigate for someone dealing with pregnancy brain and sleep deprivation.

-Andrea Siwak

I’ve always wanted a home birth, but people convinced me to go hospital route because of misconceptions regarding home births. With my pregnancy progressing I was healthy and still contemplating home birth so I contacted Crystal to find out if she could still accommodate me. I received a warm welcome from day 1 and felt very well taken care of throughout. As luck would have it, baby was born with a rare unforeseen condition that caused breathing difficulties shortly after birth. I am so grateful for Crystal and her team, when we saw something was wrong, they acted quickly and got him the help he needed. She is extremely well equipped to deal with emergencies and I do believe his outcome would have been a lot worse if I birthed elsewhere. I am blessed to have a healthy baby boy at home today thanks to the swift response from Crystal and her team.

– Chanita Basson

Really an excellent experience, from the beginning when we met Crystal and Jeremy our hearts was set on using Midwife by nature. They were both really supportive and Crystal helped us with all our questions through the pregnancy.

Every time we went for our appointments, Crystal handled it very professional and friendly. We are a very introverted and shy couple and she made us feel comfortable at all times.

When it was time for my wife to give birth, Crystal was our pillar. She kept my wife calm and supported her through it. Even when I felt a bit overwhelmed (As the husband), Crystal’s calmness gave me peace of mind.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience, with client satisfaction being 10/10.

I could write an essay about how great everything was, but I’ll keep short.

Thank you for being an amazing midwife and starting Midwife by Nature so that we could have the best birthing experience.


– Albertho Burnett

Midwife By Nature has been a dream come true for me and my family. With both my births through Crystal, my family and I left with an experience feeling empowered, educated, and most importantly at peace. Their services goes beyond just antenatal and delivery. One is encouraged to take control of the power and beauty of what pregnancy and birth truly is and to embrace it to the full.

– Athalia Collisin

I definitely wanted to go the most natural way to birth. Once my husband and I had met Crystal and Jeremy we knew we wanted them to be apart of our journey. Crystal made me feel so relaxed, she answered all my crazy questions and she respected my birth wishes. I am beyond grateful for her! Such an unbelievable experience. I would choose her over and over again.

– Melissa Solomon

I have had a short but very empowering journey with Crystal.  Having started my antenatal journey at Mediclinic, my anxiety of child labour and being a new mom were just heightened. I found Midwife by Nature through a quick Google search on “midwives around Cape Town” and emailed the ones I found. They(midwife by nature) were the only ones who responded to my enquiry. I was invited to come and see the premises and upon arrival I was  met by the most friendly faces. I met Lindy the Doula who showed me around while Crystal concluded her appointments.  What was meant to be a quick in and out  visit, was such an in-depth information gathering session. I left having made the decision that I’m having a home birth, it just felt right.  Every visit to Crystal’s felt like a big hug through this pregnancy journey. Having lost my mom in 2020 and my partner living in JHB, the journey sometimes felt lonely – both Crystal and Jeremy nurtured me through this time, all my questions were answered and ultimately I felt held.
23/01/24 I gave birth to my little one. I woke up to mild period – like cramps, I ignored them  thinking it can’t be labour pains. My water has not yet broken and I had gone for my 40 week check up the day before in which we confirmed  the baby was not ready to meet me as yet…I scheduled a follow up check up for 41 weeks. That afternoon, the cramps continued… Crystal and Lindy  had been communicating with me through out the day which really put me at ease. I even thought I would be able to take a nap and “see” how I feel when I woke up,  I took a  nice long shower and went to bed but as I lay down the cramps worsened, I tried to monitor the cramps  using the app to confirm they were in fact contractions, I think I might have been counting incorrectly…I lost my mucus plug and eventually gave up on the counting, telling Crystal I’m coming over.  Upon arrival, I was 8cm dilated and it was all systems go. The birthing pool was prepared for me and in less than an hour  in the water my Child was born at 3,8kg.  Some of the details are still a bit of a blur but I recall feeling strong after that, being able to walk,and climb up the stairs to my flat.  Not once did I ever feel I was unable to follow through with the process.
My deepest gratitude to Crystal, Jeremy and  Lindy for carrying me through this extremely sensitive period of my life. 
 – Phethang Mabeba
Crystal and Jeremy, a powerful dynamic duo, we could not have walked this journey with anyone better. I have always thought that my dream of having an unmedicated home birth experience would always be just that..a dream. I thought a hospital birth would be the only option and that I would experience so many unnecessary medical interventions to birth my son and had to brace myself for it. From our first meet and greet to our very last post natal consultation , Crystal and Jeremy has remained the same – they have stayed the warmest and most down to earth. They have created a safe space for my husband and myself to share and receive so much welcomed wisdom that stretched outside of the pre and post natal scope – to parenting advice, life lessons they have learnt and some big belly laugh moments. I have always trusted  the Lord’s design of my body and it’s capability to birth such an incredible gift, I am so grateful that I got to do it in an environment that was so calming, supportive and where I had the freedom to move and allow my body to lead me. We are so grateful to be a part of the midwife by nature family.
– Jémel Shellar
If I am given a book to write my appreciation,it would not be enough
If I have the power I want the world to know you and your husband and the passion you put into your work and how beautiful your soul is❤️
Thank you for being a midwife🙏🏼
Thank you for having midwife by Nature🙏🏼
Thank for being my gist partner during Antenatal session😁❤️
Thank you so much for always listening to my complaints and making my pregnancy journey wonderful
Let’s talk about the encouragement you gave me during my labor and delivery,I remember asking you to transfer me but you assured me I will push my baby out before getting to the hospital😂😂It makes me feel I can do this yearly with how easy you make it look,I feel like a PRO as a first time mum
Words can’t express how grateful and how I appreciate you and your husband
You both are the BEST BEST
God bless you always
Tnk you crystal and Jeremy🙏🏼❤️
– Omobolanle Alalade
Finding Crystal/Midwife by nature was the best thing my husband and I could have done! Okay let’s start at the beginning…
As a young couple we didn’t have the greatest experience at hospitals both private and public and our appointments always felt rushed, we’d leave there feeling very low spirited where our pregnancy was such a joyous and exciting time for us. Nonetheless I knew that I wanted a waterbirth with Midwife assistance but I was not knowledgeable about it here in SA and with one Google search I found Crystal and her website describes her to the tee.
Crystal and Jeremy made us feel so welcomed from the initial meeting and kept consistent with who they were throughout the whole journey! Our one hour visits (sometimes longer) were not only filled with valuable advice and knowledge but laughter and compassion as well.
I had a low amniotic fluid scare and Crystal gave me ALL my options in full transparency and referred me to see a doctor for a second opinion this showed me how she put me and my baby first, fortunately I was cleared to continue with my homebirth.
The day of the birth just put a stamp on my reason for recommending Midwife by nature to the whole world lol ! Jeremy’s beautiful garden gave thee most tranquil environment for active labour where my husband was helping me through contractions with hypnobirthing techniques also discussed with Crystal. During labour once I reached ‘the point of no return’ I started to doubt myself and as I looked around the room there was Crystal confident for the both of us and my husband strengthened by the trust we have in her seeing them so calm and sure gave me that boost that I needed and with one last big push my wonderful son was born !
Needless to say she took great care of me after birthing. I wasn’t even nervous about my first shower because she helped me through it all. After a few weeks I had trouble breastfeeding and Crystal referred me to a Lactation consultant who was amazing and continued to carry the same kind and knowledgeable energy.
Geeze I could go on…
Basically you’re at the right place!
Ps. They have a fantastic food lovers for food and snacks
– Bokgabane Dollery