Took me some time to put this story together. Was not sure it was one I wanted to remember honestly. But it’s a perfect one to share, that reminds us that our birth plans don’t always go as planned.

Harper Faith was due 5 February 2021! Fourth Baby. Previous babies were all natural Births in hospital, but with Harper’s I planned my first midwife experience and a home birth.

The biggest reason I did this, was because I was no longer on a medical aid, but soon after meeting Crystal, my midwife, I realised how beautiful and beneficial a home birth actual is.

On 3 January I started experiencing some regular contractions. Thinking it was finally time after a few early hour calls with my Midwife. 3 January seemed to be the real thing. I was relaxed. I was content, and excited to meet my baby girl in the comfort of my own home. But 3 Jan came and went… and so did my regular contractions.

My water had broken, but for some reason my cervix just didn’t want to soften or dilate as fast as I expected it to. My midwife was amazing though. We sat chatting with my praise and worship in the background. She gave me a belly and back massage with amazing lavender oil that relaxed me so much. We sat counting contractions together. She never left me once.

The evening of 4 Jan my worst nightmare came true. We had to call the emergency hospital, which was Karl Bremer and the dr advised that I had to come in… so no more home birth for me – just like that…. Gone. No more midwife. No husband by my side… just me and a catheter…

My Midwife took me to the hospital. We shared a very sad and emotional good bye. She tried to stay with me, but they didn’t allow her in because of Covid regulations. She waited outside in the passage for 2 hours till a dr finally came to examine me and gave her an update – Prolonged ruptured membranes, unfavourable cervix and the contractions stopped…I had to be induced.

Hospital experience…… My worst nightmare… I’d never recommend it even to my worst enemy. 8 hours induced labor pain that doesn’t go away, with horrible staff, all alone…. in the background other women were screaming in agony… Not my idea of a birth story. Finally, at 10 am on 5 Jan my baby girl arrived. With everyone waiting patiently for news, my girl and I made it through hell.

Even though Crystal didn’t get to be with me and deliver my baby, she was there in spirit and didn’t stop checking on me.

My advice to other expecting moms – HOME BIRTH FOR THE WIN OVER ANY HOSPITAL!!

Harper Faith Barnard was born 10am on 5 January, weighing a little 2.6 kilos. My fourth and smallest baby, but the hardest little girl to get out!

My Warrior girl.

Thank you, Crystal and Jeremy (Crystal’s husband and practice partner), for the love and support through it all. You will always be in our hearts and in our lives.