Welcoming Our Baby Girl in the Glow of ‘Candlelight’
As the clock struck midnight, the peaceful stillness of our small apartment was suddenly interrupted by the unexpected breaking of my waters. I fell back to sleep while Husdaddy prepared the birthing space.
Just as the contractions rippled through my body, a flicker of light outside signalled a power outage (Loadshedding). Yet, in the dim glow of candlelight, an aura of calmness enveloped the room, casting a serene ambiance over the imminent arrival of our little one.
At 5am the rhythm of labor began to intensify. With each contraction, I drew strength from the loving presence of my husband, who stood by my side, offering words of encouragement and gentle
As the hours passed, the essence of the early morning seemed to blend seamlessly with the essence of our labor. At 8:08 am, in the soft light of dawn, our baby made her grand entrance into the world in a breathtaking moment of intimacy, my husband, guided by Midwife Crystal’s steady hands, caught our baby girl and placed her tenderly on my chest. In that instant, our hearts swelled with overwhelming love and joy as we gazed into the eyes of our precious daughter.
To our surprise and delight, our dog, sensing the arrival of a new family member, approached with gentle curiosity, offering a tender sniff of welcome to the newest addition to our pack
As the sun rose higher in the sky, casting its warm glow upon our little sanctuary, we embraced as a new family of three, nestled in the comfort of our bed. With steaming cups of coffee, we savoured the sweet tranquility of this magical moment, basking in the sheer bliss of parenthood.
In the quietness of our home, surrounded by the love and support of our incredible birthing team, we embarked on the journey of a lifetime, filled with infinite possibilities and boundless love. And as our baby looked up at her father with a radiant smile, we knew that our hearts would forever be intertwined in the timeless embrace of family.
With the gentle guidance of Crystal and the
unwavering support of Helen, we embarked on a truly euphoric journey.
Grateful for our experience