Saarah Paulse

I would just like to take some time out to commend Crystal and Jeremy on the excellent service we received throughout my pregnancy… πŸ‘πŸ½ Rather late than never – currently 1 month + postpartum. 🀱🏽
Unfortunately, I didn’t get the water birth I planned because baby decided to come before I even made it to the Home Birthing Centre and she gave me a home birth experience instead πŸ˜‚ – unassisted, unmedicated.
As frightening as that sounds, I was extremely calm throughout my pregnancy and during labour… Thanks to Crystal and her calm vibes, I knew that my baby and I were in good hands regardless of whether she was physically there or assisting hubby over the phone lol.
Crystal always made sure that we were good, asking all the relevant questions, doing the necessary checks and giving me sufficient and extra information I didn’t know I needed.
Both she and Jeremy were always so warm & friendly at every visit, even entertaining my very busy and talkative toddler or chatting to my husband.
The day I went into labour, I informed her that I’m having period-like cramps but weren’t showing any other signs of labour.
I told her I’m going to take a shower and try and get some sleep… Only to have intense back pain… It was so intense, I messed up with timing my contractions correctly and the app kept saying I’m not in active labour.
I was on my sons bed at the time, decided to go on all fours to combat the pain and I remember my husband talking to Crystal on the phone, saying he’s bringing me in because I said “it feels like something is between my legs” 🀣
All of a sudden it was a POP! And I heard my baby cry.
I remember hearing Crystal say “awww” at the sound of her cry over the phone lol!
Gosh! It all happened so fast… EVERYTHING was over in like 3 and a half HOURS.
My mom was the one who caught my daughter in her ARMS, thankfully (4 days after my dad passed away in her arms).
Crystal instructed me to place baby on my chest and come in with the umbilical cord still attached.
I must say the amount of blood made it look like something out of a horror murder scene lol and it made my husband panic and had my brother inlaw jumping every red robot on our way to Crystal. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
When we got to Crystal, she was ready and waiting for us, fully equipped to assist and make sure both baby and I are in good health.
After we were checked, I was able to leave baby with her and go and take a shower… Crystal was amazing. She helped me to the bathroom and even washed my feet, because she didn’t want me to bend immediately after birth… BLESS HER BEAUTIFUL HEART! β™₯
The whole process was smooth, calm and quick… Unlike a hospital birth, I wasn’t forced to stay for days… About 2hrs later, after breastfeeding, all checks, etc, we were on our way home… I remember, we struggled with the new car seat and Jeremy assisted. He made sure baby was safe and securely strapped in before we were on our way. ☺
We saw her again for our 3 day and 1 week postnatal visits… I guess I’ll see her again with the next baby haha! 🀣
I must say, I’m mad I didn’t discover her sooner, with my first born 5+years ago.
In conclusion, I am definitely NEVER going back to hospital births again and I’ve since highly recommended Midwife by Nature to every mommy and mommy-to-be that I know.
I’m a big girl and I know if I had opted for a hospital birth, they’d have pushed for a C-section most likely, as baby was big too… However, that was never even a suggestion with Crystal… Everything was a breeze! She didn’t make me stress about BMI and what not… I wanted a natural birth and that’s what I had, thanks to her.
Thank you Crystal & Jeremy.
We appreciate you both!
We wish you and your business everything of the best going forward. May God bless both you, your family and your business in abundance. 🌸✨
Stay beautiful and kind!
I will make some time to visit so Shuhada can see the aunty and uncle that cared for her before and after she entered this world. πŸ’• 🌸 ✨