I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. It was both, the happiest day of my life and the scariest! I was so happy to finally become a mom, but at the same time I was filled with worry and paranoia about my baby’s safety and health. One of my worries were, “where or how would I give birth?”

I didn’t have much faith in home births, I always thought it was so unsafe, I mean, what if something goes wrong? After some convincing from my sister, I decided to look into it as I felt I didn’t have many options. My sister happened to find Crystal and I agreed to meet with her. From day one Crystal has been amazing, I was actually excited! Crystal was always just one message away if I had any questions or needed some reassurance.

It was 4am on a Thursday, 26 May 2022 when I woke up in a shock. My water broke. What do I do? Surely, it’s too early to call Crystal now? She must be sleeping. I was all alone and so unprepared, my baby girl wasn’t due for another 3 weeks! I rushed to get everything together that I felt I needed and decided to contact Crystal. At first, I had what felt like mild period cramps, and I just thought, “it’s OK, I can handle this, easy peasy.” Man, was I wrong. Nothing could have prepared me when those contractions came in strong. Crystal and my sister were there for me, calming me and putting me at ease. We laughed a little, I cried a lot. I was in and out the bath, lying down and walking around and Crystal just followed me everywhere I went.

Fast forward 14 and a half hours later, crouching on the floor against the couch, my little girl finally made her appearance. I felt like I was in a rugby scrum with Crystal behind me to catch her. My first thought as my baby girl was placed in my arms where that I can’t believe it’s over. I just stared at my little girl as I walked over to the bedroom to lie down with her, it just didn’t feel real. I didn’t sleep that night; I just lay and stare at my perfect little girl.

I didn’t have much faith in home births before, now I can’t imagine giving birth any other way.

Thank you, Crystal, for always reassuring me and putting my mind at ease when I had silly questions and for helping me bring my little Lily Grace into this world.