My pregnancy and birth thankfully finished with Midwife by Nature but did not start there. When finding out I was pregnant, like most, I instantly trusted in and opted for what I thought would be the best way to birth my baby, in a private hospital. I was scared of birth, worried about the contractions, tearing and the pain. I had little knowledge and trust in my body and wanted to ensure that the epidural would be at hand if and when I needed it. But why did I think like this? Birthing a baby is normal, my body is literally made to do this! At around 30 weeks pregnant my instincts were shouting at me. My pregnancy so far with the hospital felt so impersonal and was only creating worry in me. 15 minutes in an appointment for such a high fee, nothing about it felt special. At 30 weeks pregnant, my partner and I watched “the business of being born” (highly recommend for all mamas), of which after that, as well as much research, I fell out of trust with hospitals, worried I’d be pushed into a c-section and instead made the confident decision to opt for home birth!!

We soon discovered Midwife By Nature online and INSTANTLY felt trust for Crystal. The stories of her clients, her attention to educating people and passion shone through her social media! I was so excited to call her, with my fingers crossed that she would take me on so late in my pregnancy!! And I’m SO relieved that her and her husband Jeremy opened their hearts out to helping us! Our first appointment alone was more informative and longer than all the appointments we had in the private hospital so far. As soon as you meet Crystal and Jeremy, you feel nothing but welcome, whole hearted support and love. Most importantly to me and my partner was that we felt safe and cared for during such a special time in our lives.

Our time with Crystal and Jeremy went so fast. I saw them for 3 appointments from 34 weeks before baby girl decided to make an entrance into the world.My birthing experience with Crystal was nothing but perfect. My water broke at 2am the Sunday morning. We instantly called Crystal, who was so calm on the phone letting me know what to do next, rest, try to sleep and due to the yellow colour of my water breaking, she asked us to come in at 9am to check for potential passing of meconium from baby. (If at a certain level she would have referred me to hospital to birth baby).The early contractions were coming, I tried to get some rest between my excitement to meet baby and telling my partner to do last minute washing before baby’s arrival! I managed to get a 25 minute nap before heading to see Crystal at 9am. When we got to Crystal for checks, the meconium levels were safe to naturally birth baby!! I was SO relieved!! I was 2cm dilated so we went home to continue early labour.

By 3pm, contractions were coming closer together. This is when I went into active labour! We called and headed over to Crystal. I instantly felt so happy and relaxed in the birthing home. Crystal had set up a calming diffuser and with my consent invited Doula and Midwife to be, Cornie over to be a part of my labour. Throughout the whole of my labour Crystal  was so calm, patient and gentle with me. When I came to the pushing stage of labour, baby’s head was taking some time to come out. This was making me worried that I’d have to go to hospital. However, rather than worrying, Crystal was relaxed and simply suggesting new positions for me to push in to help baby descend. The final push came stood up with one foot on the side of the birthing pool, allowing gravity to help bring baby out. I was so happy and relieved! Feeling super exhausted and overwhelmed, I sat in the pool and my partner passed me our baby girl❤️

I can’t recommend Midwife By Nature enough! Everything, the appointments, the WhatsApp support, the care, guidance and birth has been nothing but perfect. I can’t express how grateful my partner and I are for Crystal and Jeremy taking us on as clients so late in our pregnancy. They’re just such awesome people! We’ve made family with them! And our baby Nyla Rose absolutely loves her Auntie Crystal and Uncle Jeremy so so much already ❤️

If you want your pregnancy and birthing experience to be meaningful, special, and with a team who actually want to get to know you and love your baby, don’t be mistaken, like I was, thinking private is best, instead, trust in your body, your natural abilities and visit Crystal and Jeremy ❤️