Almost 3 months ago I was blessed to have experienced a home birth. I met with our Midwife Crystal (Midwife by Nature) at 34 weeks, upon our first visit we were put at ease. Me worried about having an unmediated natural birth was put to ease by Crystal & her husband Jeremy. I remember making double sure that I truly would not have any option of some type of medication to help a girl out! Crystal very calmly said that “our bodies are made for this” and Jeremy saying to take all doubts out of my mind. I needed to be confident mentally so that my body can be ready for the physical. It was daunting just thinking about it but I done my research and watched a ton of home birth videos & techniques on how to mentally get myself through birthing our son.


Finally at 38 weeks at 3:25 my water broke in bed. I calmly told Clinton my and got on a call with my mom, dad & brother before taking a shower. Then sent Crystal a message informing her and her response was to REST, which I tried to do. I prayed as my contractions started after 4:00. Nothing intense but more intense that your average menstrual pain. I met with Crystal at 9:00 and was about 1cm dilated. Throughout my pregnancy I told Clinton that when I was in labour I wanted Mac Donald’s and I got it before 10:00 :). I had contractions throughout the day updating Crystal and sleeping as much as possible so that I am ready for what’s ahead. I was trying to do normal things to pass by time and distract myself as my contractions started to intensify. My mucus plug came out after 18:25 and I was set to meet Crystal at 19:00 to see my progress. Needless to say I was only 1.5 cm dilated and a bit disappointed as the waiting seemed so long. I went back home to rest and tracked my contractions which were harder to get through. At 21:00 I could no longer speak through my contractions as previously and Clinton was the middleman between Crystal and I. I was in a warm bath and on a birthing ball and my contractions was closer together.


We got to Crystal at 10:00, to be told I was only 2.5 cm dilated. I could not believe it, we all prepared ourselves for a long night of labour. I remember I had a moment of weakness where I looked to Clinton and said “I can’t do this, I am going to tell Crystal to send me to a hospital”. Thinking a hospital will help (lol). Crystal came and I told her, all she said while rubbing my back was “Jenaide you can to this” and encouraged us to put on music. We played worship music, Clinton and I looking at each other and praying. It was a surreal feeling being at my utmost vulnerable, like running a race but not knowing when the end would come. IT WAS HARD, mentally & physically. I was exhausted. I remember our Doula Corni encouraging me and massaging my back. Before 00:00 I ask to get into the birthing pool as I was labouring on the birthing ball and wanted the water. By this time I was praying through the contractions which were so close I wanted it to be over. I got into the birthing pool after 00:10 and was in a seated position, had one contraction and felt baby boys head. I looked to Clinton and Crystal and said I felt something, before the second contraction I changed my position to being on my knees and Crystal literally was writing down something and just like that at 00:27 Khai was born weighing 2.46 kg. We were all in disbelief because we thought he would be born later the morning. I finally met our son.

I am so grateful to Crystal, Jeremy & Corni for being our strong pillar in times of weakness. I am truly amazed and give all Glory and Honor to God who whispered words of affirmation with every contraction.