My Birth Story

Asandiswa Ntsali

I am a qualified midwife but a primary health nurse by practice. My profession almost influenced my birthing route as I wanted to follow up and deliver with a gynaecologist. My partner had a different approach he asked that I at least try his preference for one antenatal visit then if I do not like it we go back to my option. He has been following Midwife by nature and he wanted me to have the home birth/water birth experience , his reasoning was he believed this minimized chances of trauma related with child bearing and postpartum depression.

I went for my first antenatal visit organized by him and oh sana I felt at home on the first visit. I was on the receiving end and Crystal explained everything to me about pregnancy. I asked as many questions as I possibly could, I had a tour around the house and the affirmations on the wall gave me hope. I belonged, her kind aura , the beautiful garden stole my heart because I love nature.


I think because of my current basic antenatal exposure I worried a lot about possible complications. I was always concerned about my weight because we know if you are big bodied it is always associated with Gestational BP, Gestational Diabetes etc, so in most of antenatal visits that is what I would ask about. I was given assurance, informed and she always reminded me of my capabilities “Asandiswa your body is capable of giving birth naturally”. We had a trusting relationship with Crystal. I would text her anytime of the day and mostly because my partner was working far from home and I am a first time Mom who most times asked about everything.


You know mostly it’s women who have given birth that will ensure they scare you as a first time mother”yho awukwazi uzala kunjani uzocela usikwa soze uzimele intlungu etc” they scare you instead of equipping you including qualified midwives. I would text or report to Crystal at my visits she then suggested I affirm myself, she would send videos that equipped and built confidence in me.

I remember close to my delivery I stood by the emergency room at work and shared with colleagues that I will give birth naturally and I will come here with the baby they laughed at this. As a primigravida that is big bodied you are mostly  informed you are not capable because of possible complications associated with the two but ke you feed your mind with what is right  and the power of the mind I fed myself with positivity.

drama drama, I had a stomach bug and I thought I’m in labor. I took my bag and my friend took me to Crystal on the way I was vomiting, had back pain stomach cramps and I was convinced this is it. I kept on “breathing” and informing my partner ukuba isukile 😂 we arrived in Parow and when I saw Crystal and she smiled I was healed, she checked everything to ensure I was okay and informed me more on how to check the signs of labor(I was no longer a midwife but a client this mindset helped me a lot).

Crystal’s husband Jeremy the person who ensures you don’t worry at all about claims admin etc. He is so informed even about the processes of homebirth as he is a father and has experience with hospital birth and of course a husband to the passionate midwife. He will share his stories to ease your doubts but mostly to keep you well informed.

I did my sonar follow ups with Peek-a-babe 4d scan suggested by Crystal. I loved every visit they’re friendly, well informed and very professional.


I felt minor back pains and lower back pains on a Monday but I assumed my baby was engaging since 3 days back he was not yet engaged. I informed my friend and partner and slept through it. I woke up Tuesday and I saw show(take a picture send to Crystal) She then instructed me on how to monitor contractions and when to come to the practice, as the day is going the pain is intensifying and when I showed her the contractions she informed me to come. I was reading my affirmations on the way Philippians 4:13 I was breathing in and out.

I informed my sister, friends and birth photographer. My midwife already knew my birthing plan and I loved that it was all respected.

I had an amazing team Doula(Corni Richards), Photographer(SimplyBee by B), my partner and Crystal. I did what made my contractions more because I knew that pain was part of the process, I breathed through the pain, I listened to my partner reading the affirmations to me, my doula massaging me and my midwife holding my hand because I led the birth and everyone followed. My mom supported me over the phone.

I had my friends and my sister over and they supported me during my active labour phase and made jokes here and there.

I knew the power within me and I was prepared during my antenatal visits that I must listen to my body and allow my body to give birth. Positive thinking ❤️ I could inform Crystal when I want to walk, sit , stand, lay, bounce on the ball, be in water and out as per contractions. I felt the urge to push and I told her I remember looking at her and saying “Crystal ndincede” she looked right at me and replied “You can do it you are the only person in this room who will push this baby out” and just like that I did it without a doubt . I gave birth to my baby boy who brought light in my life.

What a powerful peaceful birth I had as a first time mother because of the positivity that surrounded me and the strength God instilled in me.


I went for checkup where I was assessed and the baby was assessed to ensure we were okay. My baby was given the signature Midwife by nature vest with his details. I still texted Crystal when I needed guidance with feeding and minor baby issues. I had an amazing lactation consultant Angela who guided and supported me so well with breastfeeding and equipped me with information in my breastfeeding journey.

What I love most in this home birth community is the support. I met amazing Mommies at our meet ups who are a phone call away when I need help Mama kaBean, Crystal, Cornie to name a few. I summarized the story because when I speak about Crystal I cannot stop. She is nothing but amazing, kind, loving, supportive and akadikwa ngumntu. Crystal uyamazi umntu

“I believed I could and I did”