My birth experience with my midwife Crystal, what a journey it’s been!!

It all started in October 2021. I was 5 months pregnant already. I’ve been seeing a gynaecologist and I was going to give birth at hospital as I’ve had all my visits at with my gynaecologist already thus far. One of my friends asked me if I would ever do home birth or consider it. To be honest, I never thought of it before. For that week I was reading up about it and then spoke to my family and partner and I actually considered it as I’m a very adventurous person and like to try and do different and new things. I then immediately made up my mind and decided on going ahead with home birth. I contacted sister Crystal and since day one she was so supportive. I then had all my antenatal visits at home with her. She prepared me for birth not only physically but mentally as well. I could contact her any time of day and she would respond and give me the best advice. Being a first-time mom, this was exactly what I needed at the time.

To get to my birth experience … so I was due Feb 28th. On my due date, I was experiencing mild cramps, not really knowing if I was in labor or not. I contacted her and she stayed in contact with me. At 12am 1st march I messaged her to say I think it’s time. She asked me if I wanted her to come and I said I’ll message her when she must come. At 4am I messaged her to say I think it’s time. So since 12am I was actually already experiencing strong contractions and I didn’t even know. After my water broke, the pains got more stronger and as time went on and pains got worse, I don’t think I would’ve had this treatment anywhere else. She was literally by my side through it all. I was receiving back massages and it really helped. She just knew how to keep me calm through the whole process. When I was 10cm dilated I tried literally all positions possible. They could literally see baby’s head already but for some reason it just wasn’t possible for me to have the home birth I planned. After being fully dilated for 3 hours Sister contacted hospital and they said it’s best if I come in since my water was broken already and I’ve been fully dilated for a few hours.

Going to hospital wasn’t part of my plan, as I already prepared myself for giving birth at home, but at the end of the day my plans were not God’s plans for me. We then rushed to hospital – at this point pains were 10 times worse, but my midwife never left my side. When I got to hospital, she was right next to my bed, still giving me those massages and trying to keep me calm. Doctors then asked me to start pushing again so everything I went through at home I had to do again. I starting pushing and pushing but still nothing. They then tried doing the vacuum suction twice and then said if they were to try it a third time it could harm baby. My only option was having a c-section. They immediately prepared me for one and my baby boy was born at 19:14 that evening.

My midwife still stayed in contact with me after my birth up until today. She will always ask how myself and my baby is doing. I just want to thank her because I know things could’ve been so much different if she wasn’t by my side through it all. I will definitely recommend sister Crystal to everyone. She’s really excellent in what she does.