My Birth Story with baby Liam –

When I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time round, I knew immediately that I did not want to go through the government systems again, as I had such awful experiences with my 2 other children. I started my journey off with Midwife Leanie who offers antenatal care for pregnant moms. With her we discussed birth options and I stated my concerns and what I wanted. She then told me about Al-nisa maternity home and I had a friend who had her baby there and gave good feedback. I never went to the visit the place, as that was the last thing on my list to do before having baby, but I was set and happy that it was where I was giving birth. However, things then took a turn when I was around 32weeks pregnant.  When Midwife Leanie ran tests for Diabetes as my baby boy was big during ultrasounds and it was picked up that it was possible, I had Gestational Diabetes. In turn, Al-nisa stated that they can’t assist me, as I am now high risk and they do not assist with deliveries of big babies.

I went into a complete state of panic and went for further tests and doctors for the Diabetes and it was ruled that I did not have it, but I still needed a place to give birth. I then started calling all private hospitals to see who could help me, as natural birth is what wanted – just not in a state hospital. Everyone who I contacted turned me away, as I was too far along in my pregnancy and they were fully booked. Home birth was nowhere on my list but I did some googling and came across Midwife by Nature. I did some research and found that Sister Crystal came highly recommended, I then called her and explained my situation and she told me to come in for a visit at her new birth room / consultation offices she will have a look at my history and do a full check on me and baby and decide from there if she can assist.

From the moment I met Sister Crystal she was kind and caring, very soft, reassuring approach. She examined me, we discussed everything and after looking at her schedule she said she has a few births due around my time, however she would be willing to take me on.  I think she saw how I stressed I was 😊, I was so happy and relieved the moment she said she would birth my baby. We then discussed birth options such as at my own home or their newly opened birth room, which gives you the same feeling as giving birth at home. I opted for the birth room as my home wasn’t an option because I felt it would be too much with my other kiddies and husband around. I then also had the pleasure of meeting her husband Jeremy, her business partner who was just as kind and reassuring as Sister Crystal and they welcomed me to the Midwife by nature family. I remember asking Sister Crystal I will take the birth room option so long as I can shower while in labor, as I know it helps but I do not want a water birth…continue reading for the plot twist😊. After 40 long weeks, on the day of due date I went for my check up with Sister Crystal and requested she assist in starting labor as I was over waiting and exhausted. She advised of the options and we then proceeded to do a membrane sweep, which was not painful at all, thanks to Sister Crystal who was ever so gentle, I then left my appointment knowing what to expect and feel afterwards.

I had slight pains for that afternoon still driving around for work, picking the kids up and getting home to start dinner. Around 6pm consistent contractions started but they weren’t painful, I then contacted Sister Crystal around 9pm to say I’m having contractions, but I am not sure if they are true labor as I know after a membrane sweep you can expect them and they weren’t too painful at all. She then sent me a contraction timer app which I did my best to use based on the tightening of my stomach, sent her a screenshot an hour later and she suggested I come in as they were 4minutes apart. I contacted my birth partners, my life long best friend Patricia and Her mom, Edna my second mom and we headed off to the birth room.

Arriving at the birth room at 10:15pm we were greeted by Sister Crystal and her husband Jeremy. Sister Crystal took me into the room, made me comfortable and did an examine on me, can’t remember what she said on how far I was 😅 but I was dilated and in labor. Oh boy did I instantly go from mild contractions to painful ones, definitely got things moving along 😅, during my labor Sister Crystal offered tea, coffee, cooldrink to myself and my birth partners.

Whilst huffing and puffing through each contraction back and forth between the bedroom, lounge, outside, and of cause my shower/bath, my birth partners and Sister Crystal were there for my every need.  Mom Edna was constantly chatting away which helped me so much, she even asked at one point must I keep quiet and I was like no keep talking its helping (one of the reasons I wanted my second mom there), and Patricia was asking me you must tell what to do or what you need. Sister Crystal was talking to my birth partners and then rubbing my back and added oils which helped and let Patricia take over for her part in the labor 😊. Not once did I have to look for Sister Crystal or call for her, she wasn’t over bearing yet she was constantly by my side, always checking in on me, monitoring the labor, and checking on baby.

During the last part of my labor before my precious baby was born, I was back in my shower which I had by then filled the bath up with the way I was running that shower, 😅, I still apologized for using so much water, and Sister Crystal laughed and so nicely said there is nothing to be sorry about, you do you. I was then starting to feel faint and not well at all, Sister Crystal took my vitals, all was good, and checked how far dilated I was, and told me to lay down in bath and try closing my eyes. I was exhausted from the busy day I had and now in labor, with Patricia and Sister Crystal by my side in the bathroom, Edna was in the lounge just about to watch something. It was getting late haha, Sister Crystal suggested I move to the bedroom, which I was slowly getting to doing, it but then it started getting extremely painful and I became so to say, a cry baby and started telling them I don’t want to do it anymore, I can’t do it anymore – as if I had a choice!  Sister Crystal and Patricia were telling me yes you can and you’re strong and I was telling Sister Crystal, looking at her I feel I need to push, all while still laying in the bath full of water with the shower running on me, she was checking me and said ok I think I see something happening let me get my gloves and as she was about to walk out, I said something I think No, it all happened so quick, Sister Crystal was by my side and said here he comes. I gave my pushes and out was Baby Liam, during that commotion, funniest part, we hear Edna come running, wooden floors so it was like doof doof, and she’s like ohh is it happening. Baby was out 😊 at 00:54am, weighing 4.120kgs my biggest baby. I laid with Liam in the bath for a while, relieved it was all over and he was out and good.

After the placenta was out, Sister Crystal took baby Liam for his checks and cutting of cord as I opted for delayed cored clamping. So, in the end, I ended having an unplanned waterbirth after all!

Sister Crystal’s care after baby Liam was out was amazing still, between my birth partners and Sister Crystal, they helped me wash up, get dressed and comfortable on the bed, Sister Crystal explained everything that she was doing to baby and I and then assured he latched and was feeding. she did her final checks on Baby Liam and I, we all chatted away, Sister Crystal told us not to worry about cleaning up she will tend to it, and when I was ready to leave out the door we went.

Never have I ever experienced a birth in that way and wish I had with my other 2 children. I feel like they missed out on been born into a calm environment and to have a not stressed-out Mom, and not been roughly handled by nurses. It was the most calming environment ever, I felt in control, respected and safe at all times. The birth room is absolute dream for moms who can’t give birth in their own home but still want a home birth experience.  It has everything a mom needs that her home would have, I would highly recommend the birth room for anyone or even your own home simply because sister Crystal will be your midwife and you will not have a single regret.

Our post-natal care was just as amazing, Sister Crystal came to us for our first check up, and we went there for our second one, where she checks mom out and baby, answer any questions you have, makes sure mom is okay.

Every moment with Midwife by nature makes you feel like you gained new family and not just a medical check-up. All your questions are answered, and you are never made to feel they silly by asking them, they have love and passion for their patients and even up until today, I send Sister Crystal messages to ask for advice regarding baby and never does she hesitate to answer and give the best advice she can and always checking in on us.

Thank you is not nearly enough for Midwife by nature but thank you so much for an experience that I will carry with me, and be able to tell the story to friends, family, and hopefully grand babies in the future 😊 and I will treasure my memories of my final baby’s birth for the rest of my life.